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Pianos are shown by an extremely flexible appointment schedule

ViewYamaha ConsoleConsole$850.00
ViewKrakauer ConsoleConsole$900.00
ViewBaldwin ConsoleConsole$1,000.00
ViewBaldwin Acrosonic ConsoleConsole$1,500.00
ViewKawai Upright #1Upright$1,600.00
ViewYoung Chang UprightStudio$1,800.00
ViewYamaha P22 Studio #1Studio$2,000.00
ViewKawai Upright #2Upright$2,500.00
ViewYamaha P22 Studio #2Studio$2,800.00
ViewSteinway ConsoleConsole$2,800.00
ViewYamaha Digital Disklavier Digital$4,000.00
ViewKnabe Grand - SALE PENDINGGrand$4,000.00
ViewCharles Walter ConsoleConsole$4,200.00
ViewPetrof UprightUpright$4,500.00
ViewKawai GrandGrand$8,000.00
ViewYamaha GrandGrand$8,000.00
ViewSeiler GrandGrand$16,000.00

  • References available
  • Credit card payment available
  • Tuners and teachers always welcome
  • All pianos have been tuned and inspected
  • Delivery throughout the Front Range is included