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I had a great experience buying an upright piano from Mike. He let me spend a lot of time trying a few pianos in his inventory that were in my price range. All of them were in perfect working quality, so it basically came down to the tone and feel that I wanted. Mike was not pushy, but also knowledgeable. He tuned the piano and delivered it to my house. He is also a good tuner, which I am very picky about. I play guitar as well and I want all my instruments in 440 pitch with a good temperament.

One screw for the music stand was lost in the delivery, so Mike worked hard to get a new one delivered from Samick in a timely manner. I really appreciated this.

There are many pianos on Craigslist, and many are 'free.' I suggest not going down that route unless you really know what you're doing and have lots of time to waste turning down many pianos until you find the right one. I know about this because I previously bought a $200 piano in NYC. While it worked, it needed a lot of TLC to bring it up to the standard that I needed. Save yourself the hassle, and just go to Mike. He will get you a quality piano at a very fair price, and you won't have to put a bunch of money into it after you buy it.

Michael M.

If you're looking for a gently used piano and are within a 3-hr drive of Windsor, CO, I highly recommend contacting Piano Dude.

Mike runs both his shop and piano school in the same building as part of a new strip mall off the main drag, so he's flexible in setting up appointments, especially for out-of-towners.

In January, he was very responsive to my e-mails, even when the piano we had our eye on was sold to a couple who saw it just before we did. When our attentions were drawn to another upright, we could tell he was not our typical salesperson. Throughout our e-mail communications, appointment, and phone calls, we never felt any pressure nor did we ever feel snubbed or ignored because of our limited budget.

Because he is particular with the pianos he buys from private sellers, he lets his pianos do the talking and sell themselves. During our appointment, we wandered from piano to piano, taking our time, feeling and listening to each one while Mike worked on his laptop with his feet on his desk. He was very attentive if we asked him questions, and though he steered us to a few pianos based on our budget, he never pushed us towards any which one.

By this point, we had already visited 3-4 other shops along the Front Range and were tired of visiting showrooms and warehouses with slick and snooty salespeople. It just got overwhelming trying to compare all the different prices, models, delivery costs, and conditions of each instrument, especially since we had a limited budget.

But Mike made the experience easy and laid-back with his smaller, fairly-priced, and QUALITY inventory, which does turn over frequently! He provided some wiggle room for negotiating; additionally, he included in our purchase a free delivery and first tuning. After letting our piano acclimate for 7 weeks in COS, Mike arranged for a local RPT to come tune our piano as part of our purchase (rather than making a 5hr roundtrip drive to my house).

We have been happy with the results and highly recommend Piano Dude. Mike made the experience worth the drive!

Sarah N.

After spending several weeks scouring craigslist for a quality used piano, I ran across a few items in Piano Dude's inventory. They were slightly out of our original price range, but further research made me realize that I should go with someone who does the hard work for me. Piano Dude only acquires quality pianos that he thoroughly examines, confirming that they meet his strict standards. His prices are very fair, he offers a one year warranty (something you won't get from a private seller), and his knowledge and expertise are exceptional. When we visited his shop in Windsor, he even had a play area for the kids while we examined the piano and discussed details. He offered us an extremely fair price that included delivery. We were very pleased with the professionalism he showed us throughout the process. I will be recommending Mike to anyone I know in the market for a piano. Top notch!

Ryan E.

Awesome experience. I am a classical piano instructor, so I know about and have purchased my fair share of pianos. Mike was so knowledgable and unlike any salesman I have every worked with. He answered every question I had about multiple pianos and then let me be while I played each of them. I never felt like he had an agenda, just that he wanted me to go home with an instrument I was happy with. His pianos were very reasonably priced and he had a really good selection so it made it worth the drive from Denver. He included delivery and the first tuning in the price, so it was a no brainer. I had been thinking about trying my luck with a Craigslist piano and I'm so glad I decided to go with Mike instead.

Nikki G.

found Piano Dude on craigslist and soon after sending a inquiry received a nice response back from the owner, Mike. On the phone, Mike walked me through his process of selecting one owner pianos and asked specific questions about how I played and what I wanted in a piano. A few days later I drove the 5.5 hours from Taos to Windsor to check on the six pianos Mike had chosen for me to play. Mike retired to another room leaving me the unhurried opportunity to try each piano. When I had questions, Mike was knowledgable and informative. This gave me tremendous assurance I had done the correct thing contacting and visiting Piano Dude. After an hour or so I decided on two Charles Walter uprights and with Mike's continuing assistance chose one. I tend not to want complications or drama when purchasing something as important as a piano so my experience with the Piano Dude was outstanding in its ease and result. The only problem I have is Mike is so far away he cannot service the piano on an ongoing basis. I bet his tuning and technical abilities are as good as his approach to providing the correct piano to the buyer. An excellent experience!