Can't be Piano Dude unless you tune pianos....and I'm pretty good (and modest)...

Here's what I offer with my piano tuning service - proficiency, professionalism, and punctuality - I don't compete on price (there are others who charge less) - I just do my job well.

Rates start at $145


Piano moving is no joke.....pianos are big and heavy and don't listen worth a darn...

I have moved thousands over the last dozen years and I am a piano moving jedi (again with the modesty)....

Licensed and insured with the Colorado PUC.....again, I don't compete on price - super high-quality and professional piano moving is what I offer.


Piano Dude offers piano rentals for events such as concerts, weddings, and conferences. Vertical and grand pianos available.


I have secure and temperature-controlled piano storage available on a short-term basis.


A piano that has been around for many decades and has served many a piano player, may not be a valid musical instrument any longer. In fact, an old piano can be more harmful than helpful to an aspiring pianist.

It is a sad fact that sometimes a piano just needs to disappear. Piano Dude can make that happen.